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Just fill in the blanks below and we'll email you a list of Ottawa Hobby farms and acrage properties currently for sale. Please make sure to repond back to us to let us know exactly what you are looking for in terms of a property so we can pass along only the properties that meet your search criteria and budget. 


Hobby Farms generally start at $200,000 and the house usually needs quite a bit of updating, however it gets a little cheaper if you travel more than an hour outside of Ottawa.


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Hobby Farm Buying tips - what to look for....


So you're ready to live out the dream of living off the land or buying that horse stable you've always dreamed of. Only problem is you've never owned a farm before and you're not exactly sure what you sould be looking for in terms of the land and its out buildings. Here are a few quick pointers on what most people look for in buying a hobby farm in Ottawa and the Valley. 


Water/Drainage - Although you'll want a readily available water supply you'll also want to ensure you' don't have too much water on the land either. Proper drainange 

The farm house - be realistic in your expecations. You're not likely going to see a large newly constructed home on a piece of farm land. Often you'll find century homes with smaller bedrooms, closets, and doorways, with crawl space basements. You need to be realistic and mentally prepare yourself for this - you likely won't start off with that big bright farm house with a veranda stretching the entire length of the house. You can however turn the farmhouse into your dream house over time or if you're successful over time in your farming endeavors you could build on your free land and tear the old house down. 


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